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What Parents Say

About Us

A trusted child care and learning center in Upper Darby, TIA The Journey caters to the holistic growth of the child. We believe that children need love and nurture to grow into successful adults, and students experience that with us.

Our mission is to provide a safe and educational environment for our children to be prepared for Kindergarten and beyond. We guide your child along their educational and personal journeys. Expect your child to learn something new every day, whether it is colors, a song, or even science. We welcome you to come visit and learn about us and our educational philosophy. 

"After having a really hard time with my son's last daycare, I became hesitant to have him in another daycare. I have to say however, enrolling him in this preschool has been the best decision for him. They have helped him with learning a lot of new things. His communication has improved so much. I would absolutely tell any parent, especially new parents who are hesitant, that this school is amazing"

"I have a two year old baby girl, and I was very scared to put her in daycare. But Christina, the owner, Naila and Mrs. Nelly shut down all my fears. Christina will answer all my questions no matter if she is at work or home or even if its later in the day. If my daughter needs to miss a day, she will contact me just to check in on her. Christina has only hired the best. I was unable to meet her teacher, Mrs. Nelly, in person but my daughter is learning a lot from her. Naila is amazing; I see her at pick up and drop off. She dealt with me calling the center a bunch of times when my daughter first started. She will also still give me updates and let me know if she is having a bad day. Normally if children are being overly fussy, they get sent home. But between the three of them they help her get back to her playful self. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. This is by far the best daycare I could ask for, its like a family. They truly care about the kids."

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